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Here we list our publications.

This part is still under contruction ... here we will present important articles, normally "hidden" in our web, additional as PDF document.


PDF Document
70 Jahre Erklärung der Menschenrechte 70 Jahre Erklärung der Menschenrechte 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights
What is its position on the Universal Human Rights declared in 1948?
Was everything from the 1948 Declaration also incorporated into the Basic Law one year later?
What does the UN Pact for Social, Cultural and Economic Rights say?
How does the Federal Republic of Germany view it?
Anonymous and safe in the Internet AnonymUndSicher.pdf We show where the threats to our communication lie and how we can successfully and legally avoid the manifold surveillance laws and the greed of the economy for our personal data.
Bitcoin and Money ... soon available ... Conclusion about a discussion of Aktion Freiheit statt Angst in the Antiwar-Café COOP at Nov 18th 2019. What are advantages and the disadvantages of crypto currencies?
Your smartphone - your unknown companion DasHandyDeinUnbekannterBegleiter.pdf The aim is to inform about problems and dangers that "come naturally" after the purchase of a smartphone. We want to give tips on what to look out for and how to avoid most of the frustration.
Development of mobile communications - quo vadis? ... soon available At one of our Open Meetings, we discussed the topic of "Dangers from mobile phone radiation" for several hours and evaluated materials on this topic.
Conclusions from the Revelations by Edward Snowden
FolgerungenAusSnowdenEnthuellungen.pdf We are all being monitored, that is the certainty that the revelations by Edward Snowden have brought us. What's new in that? How do people react to them? We all have something to hide! How can we protect ourselves?
FRONTex - FORT EUROPE - Der Film   Ausgehend von der Frage "Warum flüchten die Menschen nach Europa" haben wir neben den grausamen Ereignissen, über die wir täglich in den Zeitungen hinweglesen, nach den Gründen für die so unterschiedlichen Lebensverhältnisse in den westlichen Ländern und der sogenannten "3. Welt" gesucht.
No Drones for Surveillance and War DrohnenEN.pdf Surveillance drones and military drones - where are the differences? What are the threats? What does international law say about the use of drones? The struggle of the peace movement against the drone war continues.
Problems with the electronic Patient File -- noch in Arbeit -- The ePA, the electronic patient record, will be launched on January 1, 2021. What opportunities and what risks arise for the legally insured person as a result of the central management of their health data in such a "file"?
Seven Years Report 2009-2016 TaetigkeitsberichtA-FsA2009-2016.pdf
Seven years in the service of human rights
What have we done and what have we achieved?
What are the dangers of so-called "free" trade agreements? Why are private arbitration courts not allowed to speak "law"?
Surveillance by "the State" UeberwachungDurchDenStaat.pdf Data retention, BKA law, dragnet search, biometric data in ID cards and passports, restriction of the right of assembly, tightening of police laws, storage of our data in the EU population register, ...
Where do more and more restrictions of our freedom rights lead us?
Examples from the cyber war and drone war of the last 15 years
Surveillance by Companies UeberwachungDurchUnternehmen.pdf How does the citizen become a "transparent citizen"?
Corporate surveillance is not about "security", like state surveillance - it's about money, a lot of money and that's what the internet giants and their little brothers want to take out of our pockets.
Examples from everyday life via eavesdropping televisions, movement profiles and behaviour patterns and terms such as Swift, Schufa and Smart Home.
Encrypted Online Confirmation Mail VerschluesselteOnlineGeschaefte.pdf Internet users who are concerned about protecting their own data encrypt their email with PGP and use the Tor browser when surfing the web. However, this security comes to an end at the latest when you have ordered goods from an online shop on the Internet. As a customer, you will then receive one (or more) unencrypted emails that contain your email address, billing or shipping address, customer number, and other data.
This is also possible in encrypted form, the companies just have to play along - a simple suggestion for encrypted communication in business transactions.
Data Retention VDS 2.0   Data retention is back, as VDS 2.0 after the Federal Constitutional Court and the European Court of Justice have prohibited it.
What is the current state of affairs? Why is it now at the discretion of the providers whether and what is being stored?
A drama about the role backwards of the SPD.
Forced digitization - constraints on the use of digital devicesZwangsdigitalisierung.pdfAbout the constraints to use digital devices in order to "be allowed" to participate in public life. Recording of a broadcast by Alex TV in December 2020.


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