The topic Flight & Migration and the Fortress Europe

Here we deal with the German and European security architecture.

The individual points are:

In the field of flight&migration we examine the EU's immigration policy and denounce the consequences and effects of the technical upgrading of the EU's external borders as well as the armament in the interior.

We fight for the rights of refugees and migrants. Aktion Freiheit statt Angst is a member of the Berlin Refugee Council (Flüchtlingsrat Berlin e.V.), too.


The appeal of Bamako
Commitment to peace and against armament outside and inside.

Video about Fortress Europe

Our flyer about FRONTEX can be downloaded here: Aktion FsA Flyer FRONTEX - border agency of the EU (RGB) .pdf

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Various explanations of terms and definitions used

A list of frequently asked questions are available here. There you may put further questions.

We work out our issues together on the web. If you want to support us in defense of our fundamental rights, you are warmly welcome online or at our meetings.

The following list contains all of our articles concerning Flight & Migration 

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