Aktivengruppe Berlin

Active Group Berlin

The Active Group Berlin meets:Button Workshop im Cafe COOP

The meetings are open to all interested, a membership is not required- everyone is welcome, even to breathe in and get involved!

The topics for the meeting will be announced on our "actives" mailing list and discussed together. If interested, send an email to kontakt@aktion-fsa.de.
Come and join even unannounced
... or fill out the online formula and become a member.

The topics of the next meeting is also available on our event page. To keep the meetings interesting, we agreed in exchange meeting on the various themes of our working groups and between each hold a meeting of all Berlin's actives in order to do sometimes organizational stuff and clarify the dates for action.

Our working groups are

Since many participate in several working groups, you can actually get rid of suggestions, questions and ideas at every appointment. Also members of the Co-circle of freedom not fear are almost present at every meeting and can answer questions.


... and what can you do if Berlin is to far for you?

There are so many topics where we can only share our ideas with many people make a difference. Pick a topic that interests you ... and search in your area for people who create with you an active local group. If you find no one, we also have members who can not actively participate locally in the Berlin group but help and advice by email.

If this is too complicated, we always appreciate a donation, because flyers and information booths cost money and we can expect nothing from the state.

What we do with the money you can read on this page and we will always report it here. The association is a non profit organization, donations and membership fees to us are tax deductible.

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