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Freedom Not Fear - Winter Edition

Beginn: Sa, 09. Feb 10:00 CET 2013
Ende:   Sa, 09. Feb 14:00 CET 2013
Ort:   Venedig, Cà Tron, sontuosa sede universitaria
Tags: Überwachung, Freiheit, Angst, Freedom, Fear, Demo

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Freedom Not Fear - Winter Edition

We are pleased to invite you on 2013-09-02, in the historical venetian building Ca'Tron, prestigious Faculty of Urban Planning (IUAV), facing the Grand Canal and recently saved from its sale.
With the international event against surveillance, Freedom Not Fear, our aim is to bring to a halt excessive surveillance, with actions against control as a mean of repression of our freedom.
To take concrete action against the instruments of control.
Lies that are the essence of propagandistic fear will be unmasked. We are going to distribute Free software for encryption, privacy and other utilities. There will be workshops with high-level speakers, thus helping those who want to be able to protect their own privacy and data, be they private or corporate ones.

Event link:

These are our proposed topics
* How to defend from violation of privacy (e.g. from ISPs or social networks)
* Free software for privacy, encryption and anonymity.
* WiFi networks: encrypted and free VoIP calls. Communicating in the city without carriers.
* How to manage a smartphone, better if free
* Tor
* Tails
* Mind Control
* Control of the masses
* Fear, repression, propaganda
* Urban social control: containment in the metropolis
* Masks, tricks, Carnival: artistic and acting performance

Uniti contro la propaganda della paura, uniti contro la speculazione della sicurezza.
Manifestazione contro la videosorveglianza , la paura , il controllo , per il diritto alla privacy e la libertà.

9/2/2013 Ca'Tron Venezia

Si parte il 9/2/2013 alle 10:00 a Cà Tron, sontuosa sede universitaria.
Per montare reti, redazioni, media point e quant'altro, siete invitati a raggiungerci dal 7/2/2013.

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