Datensicherheit und Datensicherung

bildungsangebote_default_smallDatensicherheit und Datensicherung



Data security and Backup

Kategorie: Media literacy and self-Privacy
Duration: 3h
Art: Workshop


  • At least when the hard drive is stopping unexpectedly, then it becomes clear that there would have been time for a backup.
  • How easy it happens that one has left his USB stick with the personal data somewhere.
  • Do I need to delete my personal information laboriously before I bring my computer in for repair? May I do that if f.e. the keyboard doesn't work?
  • This workshop improved your privacy!
  • Where do I finde what on a hard disk?
  • Files and partitions
  • Separation of  data and programs
  • BackUp
  • Personal data in encrypted areas
  • encrypt with TrueCrypt (indepenent of the operating system)
  • encryption on an USB stick

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