16.10.2010 Press Release: Quickly apply for a new "old" ID
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Press release from the Berlin action group "Freiheit statt Angst e.V." - Freedom not Fear (registered association) about the hazards of the new German electronic identification card (ID) (6th of October. 2010)

German version here

The Risks - and the alternative: quickly apply for a new "old" ID

From the 1st of November 2010 on there will only be the new electronic identification card available (elektronischer Personalausweis or in short ePerso) when applying for a new ID in a citizen centre. But who wants one of those?
Oh well, at one point there is an undeniable advantage. It has the same size like a cheque card and therefore it easily fits into every purse or wallet. However would that be worth paying 28, 80 Euro instead of paying 8? Although that was it with the advantages, the inconvincible Secretary for the interior still wants it.
Even the data protection commissioner, whom should actually be asked in advance, warns [1]:

The electronic ID card: - Identity theft becomes much easier

But it’s going to be even worse! Of what we have warned from the beginning has happened now. The new ID card is insecure. The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) found out that strangers could be able to read along the data or the PIN code and even change the PIN code [2]. All what one needs is a bit of criminal energy and a commercially available keylogger. The electronic reading devices for the electronic ID, sponsored from the federal ministry of the interior, have no own keyboard. This means that all the data is send over a possibly unsafe PC. Also in this point the Secretary for the interior is not willing to make any changes.
Sophie Behrendt; Spokeswoman of the Action group “Freiheit statt Angst e.V.” warns:
“When in former times an ID got stolen and misused, I could at least hope that differences towards my photograph or my signature will stand out and I could act against it, for example with graphologic certificates. This is impossible now. Now the hacker owns my "real" identity, my digital signature and my PIN-code and now I have to proof that I haven’t done a certain purchase. The burden of proof is on me now.
The secretary for the interior dismissed all claims for compensation for such damages. [3]

What do we claim from the German government?

Quickly apply for a new "old" ID

We can just appeal to everyone:

Links for further information:

[1] http://www.datenschutzbeauftragter-online.de/datenschutz-elektronischer-personalausweis-was-erwartet-sie-ab-dem-1-11-2010/

[2] /presse/unsere-themen-in-der-presse/1498-201008024-daten-von-euem-personalausweis-ausgelesen

[3] http://www.netzpolitik.org/2010/plusminus-erklart-den-eperso/

Further links concerning the new ID:

Press contact for further questions: kontakt@aktion-fsa.de
German version here

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