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20.06.2013 Nominiert für den Deutschen Engagementpreis

Aktion Freiheit statt Angst e.V.  nominated for the German commitment Prize 2013

This letter has pleased us:
"In 2012 you have actively participated at the week of civic engagement and support our activity framework, a nationwide community action for improved visibility of the various engagements in Germany. Both you and your projects are part of a strong network of 2,700 active projects and initiatives, make the day a great job. Your commitment is living active responsibility and central for our society. Under the motto "Commitment is strength!" you have also brought attention for our special actions-week in social media . Thank you for your commitment! "

We will continue on this path, especially to educate young people about their democratic rights and the dangers in our society and specifically in the Internet.

Every Safer Internet Day we offer our workshop Anonymous & Safe on the Internet, as we have done already 4 times with the FRONTEX Workshop - The Deadly Fortress Europe on the cruel refugee policies at the external borders of the EU.

On 10 September 2013 there is the next workshop on Frontex - The Deadly Fortress Europe


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