Workshop Buttons entwerfen und produzieren

bildungsangebote_default_smallWorkshop to design and produce  Buttons


Workshop to design and produce  Buttons

Category: Media literacy and self-Privacy
Duration: 2-3h
Art: Workshop
Reference:  13. Berliner jugendFORUM


  • The young people can use a graphics program to design motifs for their own buttons, print and press them on a button machine.
  • They have access to the Internet to seek suggestions for motifs. They are guided through the process to use the programs properly and with legal requirements (copyright, right to the image, data security, risk of viruses, ...) to be observed.


The young people have to work independently and be primarily creative.
At the beginning some motifs are provided. They should learn to work on their PC with for them a (probably) unfamiliar surface of an Ubuntu Linux system. Hence questions will arise about its pros and cons and the idea of open source are discussed.
The graphics program Gimp, the OpenOffice and Firefox require no further introduction.
As soon pictures from the Internet will be used as templates for the buttons with high probability. So an individual conversations or even open discussion  will arise about legal requirements and terms such as copyright, Creative Commons. This will be explained.
The pressing of the buttons under supervision is repeatedly demonstrated and then done by the young people.

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