15.12.2013 Wir sind alle Oranienplatz!

Demonstration:   15.12.2013 um  3 pm,  Oranienplatz

14 months ago hundreds of refugees from refugee camps in Southern Germany set out for Berlin. They occupied the square Oranienplatz and later the former school Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule in the quarter of Kreuzberg in order to express their protest against the German and the European refugee policies.

We still demand

 Fundamental rights to work, education, self-determined housing and abode

All of us agree upon these demands. The Residency Obligation law "Residenzpflicht" as such does only exist in Germany. By this law refugees are not allowed to move freely ouside their residential district. This legislation reminds of the Apartheid legislation in South Africa.

What are the reasons for the perilous escape to Europe?

"In our home countries our lives are not safe anymore. There are wars over valuable natural resources which are of such importance to industrial countries. Extreme poverty and political prosecution didn't leave us another option but to abandon our families and to flee to Europe.

We didn't have a choice. Because Western governments continue their Colonial traditions:

the exploitation of natural resources, the conclusion of unfair trade agreements and the purpose to benefit from 'cheap labour'. European and other countries supply dictators and warlords with weapons, provoke wars, or close contracts with dictatorships which not only provide profits for Western corporations but secure the power of corrupt elites. A life in misery is what is in for us."

The way to Europe involves enormous risks

"We had to overcome borders, were intercepted and sent back. Many of us drowned during the sea voyage."
 The disasters off the coast of Lampedusa did not lead to a paradigm shift – on the contrary. The external borders of Europe have been closed off even more thoroughly. With Frontex and Eurosur a military strategic defense system has been established. This way, humanitarian basic values such as maritime rescue are suspended.

A letter to the interior minister Frank Henkel states:

"We are here for humanitarian aid. Before you evict the camp at Oranienplatz or the school, we invite you over to talk about our claims in the first place."
First: Abolish the camps, the deportations, the Residency Obligation law "Residenzpflicht", the employment ban,

Then: We will clear the Oranienplatz and the school by ourselves. 

We call we all people from trade unions, schools, universities, churches and clubs and individuals, to show solidarity with our demands.

Aktion Freiheit statt Angst is a member of Flüchtlingsrat Berlin

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