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RSS - Feeds

RSS means Rich Site Summary, later on Really Simple Syndication. With RSS-Feeds you can distribute new messages oder changes on your web site to interested people. The format ist XML. The interested user subscribes  feed to his browser. In the Mozilla Browser, for example, there is the RSS Feed "Latest Headlines" already included. Such feed are updates by ist own, so the browser is always up to date.

We have used this format to inform you about updates in some areas of our website.

Here you can subscribe to the following RSS-Feeds


Category[13]: Ressourcen Short-Link to this page:
Link to this page:
Link with Tor: http://a6pdp5vmmw4zm5tifrc3qo2pyz7mvnk4zzimpesnckvzinubzmioddad.onion/de/articles/4321-rss.html
Tags: #rss #feed #aktualisierung #xml #format #abonnieren #Browser #Neuigkeiten #Termine #Presse #ThemeninderPresse #update
Created: 2014-05-21 14:39:46
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