01.10.2017 Videoüberwachung - ein Eingriff in die informationelle Selbstbestimmung

Comprehensive "intelligent" video surveillance and tracking is illegal

Our video surveillance campaign is committed to the fundamental right to informational self-determination

Citizens manhunt station Südkreuz

Deutsche Bahn, the Federal Criminal Police Office and the Federal Police want to test facial recognition and tracking software at Südkreuz station in Berlin. At the level of the European Union, the Federal Ministry of the Interior is also working to equip the large EU border police databases with biometric facial recognition capabilities. This will affect these databases

In the future, facial images from German railway stations or airports can be compared with the European information systems, because the so-called "intelligent video surveillance" analyzes and identifies persons by means of photos in databases, e.g. with all biometric photos of our IDs and passports. Because we do not forget that since the spring of 2017, all "security authorities" (including the law enforcement agencies) have access to our biometric photos of passport and ID card - although we were promised something completely different in 2003 ...

In contrast, Aktion Freiheit statt Angst, together with other civil society groups, has already demonstrated twice on site:

Further actions are planned after the Secretary of the Interior announced an extension of the project for another half year and a second project is planned. Incidentally, the Minister of the Interior has already announced that he can imagine a realization of this "identification service" video surveillance throughout the Republic.

What are our concerns?

Allegedly it is, as is customary in the meantime, to terrorism, in practice the prosecution of all offenses to regulatory offenses, including black traffic, sprayers, homeless people, beggars, ... be possible.

We do not want to leave it at the analysis and therefore we work on networking with other people - be there, an email to  kontakt@aktion-fsa.de is enough.

Unconstitutional covert video surveillance and eavesdropping

The Volksbegehren initiated by the former CDU senator Heilmann and the former SPD district mayor of Neukölln, Buschkowsky, is an eavesdropping attack on Berlin. Concealed in the future, video and audio recordings of the people will be allowed. The proposed bill is in any case unconstitutional and will do nothing except another sentiment for a "stronger state".

We have dealt with the project and its dangers:

As in the previous collection period from September until now still 17,000 Berliners have signed and thus seemingly voted for a total surveillance, the STASI would be jealous, here again to the contents of the proposed law:

Through its supposedly "intelligent" expansion, the referendum builds a bridge to the intentions of the CDU Minister of the Interior De Maiziere, which he tested with his networked video surveillance and tracking at Südkreuz station.

We do not want to leave it at the analysis and therefore work on networking with other people - be there, an email to kontakt@aktion-fsa.de is enough.


Expanding video surveillance à la London - safer, safer, safest


Upgrading public transport with surveillance technology:

In 2016, the number of railway stations which are under video surveillance increased to 900. The number of cameras in the stations increased last year from 5,000 to 6,000 (+ 20%). This means that more than 80% of passenger flows are recorded at the railway.

Studies on futility

Link to cards with cameras

---  to be continued ...

More about video surveillance on our site  https://www.aktion-freiheitstattangst.org/cgi-bin/searchartl.pl?suche=Video%C3%BCberwachung&sel=meta

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