06.07.2022 EuGh stärkt Rechte der Flugreisenden

Storage of travel data no longer without limits

For years we had fought against the storage of our travel data (PNR = Passenger Name Records), on the left in the picture at a protest action in Berlin's Tegel airport. Our arguments against such a collection of 60 individual data per traveler were, in addition to the protection of privacy, e.g. on his eating habits, also the fact that no terror suspects can be identified from such data.

This has been confirmed by practice - as in 2019, statistics showed a false positive rate of 99.7 percent when checking air travelers in Germany. Hundreds of officers had to manually check the "terrorists" detected by the system. After the increase in positions for this pointless work, "things are going better" (allegedly). Thus, in 2020, with the help of this data collection, 813 arrest warrants could be executed and there were 547 "person hits related to politically motivated crime." There is still no trace of the terrorists mentioned when the measure was introduced.

Now the ECJ has ruled that "the use of the stored data must be limited to what is absolutely necessary." Thus, the data should

Who and how to monitor compliance with these restrictions, the court did not say ...

Read more https://www.zdf.de/nachrichten/politik/eugh-flugverkehr-daten-datenschutz-terrorismus-100.html

The controversy continues!

Therefore, the issue of PNR, Passenger Name Records, continues to be an important campaign of our work. We will report here as the legal situation and policy intentions continue to change.

For reference, here is a list of all the articles on our pages about this issue:

We are grateful for hints on the topic and help with our work, please inform us about kontakt@aktion-fsa.de

Kommentar: RE: 20220706 EuGh stärkt Rechte der Flugreisenden

Ich konnte euch die 99,7% Fehler nicht glauben und habe recherchiert. Aber es stimmt, von den gefundenen möglichen Terroristen hatten wirklich 99,7% überhaupt nichts falsch gemacht und die 0,3% restlichen waren auch keine. Aber mit denen hatte die Polizei noch ein oder zwei Wörtchen zu reden. Ungeheuerlich, was dafür an Geld rausgeworfen wird, während über 500 mit Haftbefehl gesuchte Rechtsextremisten scheinbar unauffindbar sind.

Me., 07.07.22 18:04

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