04.10.2014 Internationaler Aktionstag gegen Drohnen

Join the first Global Action Day Against the Use of Drones for Surveillance & Killing - October 4, 2014

Update 04.10.2014 14h: Demonstration in front of the Reichstag

More pictures at https://www.flickr.com/photos/uwehiksch/sets/72157647956651900/ and https://www.flickr.com/photos/aktionfreiheitstattangst

An interview (16:36 min) with the Free Radios about the danger of killer drones https://www.freie-radios.net/66433

Video about the Global Action Day with CodePink in the US
Code Pink protests killer drone exhibit at Air and Space https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUHMNfadu6w

Read more about the Global Action Day in foreign countries http://globaldayofaction.nationbuilder.com/

For two years Aktion Freiheit statt Angst is fighting together with the Alliance against Weaponized Drones. Last year the Anti-Drones-Movement is working together all over Europe. Even collegues from the US have been part at the Berlin Meeting. There we had agreed for a world-wide anti drones action day at October 4th.

Now we call for actions on this Anti-Drones-Action Day

As global citizens who believe in justice and the rule of law, we oppose weaponized and surveillance drones because their deployment:

 We demand that all governments cease the production and acquisition of armed drones, as well as their research and development, and work towards a worldwide ban of these weapons.

We further demand that our governments prohibit the use of drones for surveillance and prohibit using space satellites, ground stations, and military bases to enable drone surveillance and to trigger drone killings.

We call on people all over the world to join us in the Global Day of Action on October 4.
To add your endorsement to this call or to send a URL link regarding your October 4th protest event, contact Colleen from CODEPINK at colleen.codepink@gmail.com.

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Created: 2014-06-08 08:54:10

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