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Last year the FRONTex-Team of Aktion Freiheit statt Angst stated his concern about the EU refugee policy in a movie.

Starting with the question "Why do people flee to Europe" we were looking for answers to the cruel events that we read daily in the newspapers and we found several reasons for the very different conditions of life in western countries and the so-called "third world" where the causes of the problems lie with us.

With the help of the filmmaker Paula Gepard we made a 20-minute documentary/feature film with music by Mark Kofi Asamoah. A first version was completed this spring and is available in German and English now.



*) The filmmaker Paula Gepard has problematized the fate of the refugees at the EU's external borders already in her short film "Its Europe or death". Aktion Freiheit statt Angst has shown her film about the history, the thoughts, the experience and the song of a young African about his hope "Europe" on several events during the Engagementwochen (week and commitment) and at the Peace Festival Berlin.

Content of the film


You might wonder, why people do flee to Europe?


Hunger, unemployment, destitution, illness, conflicts, wars... also corrupti­on, bad management, robbery of landscapes, forced resettlement ... are the motivations of migration.

We know quite well that the Western World has its own interests. Take for exam­ple EPA, the Economic Partnership Agreement... here you will find, that the EU will “contribute to Kenyan sustainable development”.

The human-rights-watch of Kenya anticipates negative outcome of EPA for its own rural market, for wheat, corn, milk, poultry farms in Kenya.  As to Europe on the other hand, an open Kenyan market ...which means:  they talk at cross-purposes...

The EU insists on duties and quotas on cut flowers, fruits and vegetables from Kenya and other members of the joint venture agreement of East Afri­can Com­munity, EAC.
But  not only states and communities are “odd pairs”: seeds business, which demands patent law by brute force, agro-industries, who sells chi­cken-left-overs  -  often subsidized by taxpayers money  - to “poor Africa” ... with the conse­quence of a fatal ruin of the local market and in this way con­tribute to hunger, un­employment, destitution, illness and conflicts.

What about the victims ?

Imagine: 300 refugees in a tiny fishing boat, sometimes even on a rotten nutshell ... drinking water and food for 2, 3 days ... fuel often insufficient, with engine trouble ... human beings at the mercy of the elements ...

How many victims do they count ?

Provable numbers counted by NGO's are 18 000 death between 1988 and 2011,  the number of unreported cases is much higher... one counts one from four as victim of the sea. That would make 16 000 deaths every year. 16 000 human beings should be mourned by their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers…

Between 2007 and 2008 about 50 000 people arrived  in Europe each year.   2009 it was less.       Why ?  Italy and Gaddafi signed an agree­ment. Since then, the Libyan military force refugees back to their home countries. This contract is still valid.

What  about violation of human rights ?

Violations of human rights do not exist only on the African continent. The right of asylum in European countries for example is contradicting in its re­strictions the human rights. The “safe-(third-)country regulation“ for exam­ple qualifies asylum rights. That means: each EU-member decides by its own, whether a refugee comes from a “secure” country, so that this hu­man can be send back... and the “Geneva Convention 1951” and its complementary protocol of New York 1967 depend on free decision of each member state.

Human rights are not respected even on sea. Maritime law is suspended. Let me give you a few examples: Adrift trawlers are declared dangerous flotsam with the cruel conse­quence: merchant ships - capable and obliged to help by maritime law - are being rerouted.

 ...  a small boat rolls helpless in the Mediterranean Sea with 27 persons from Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroun and Sudan for 6 days   ... two fish traw­lers passed by without any help ... the captain of a Maltese ship gave them a chance: they were allowed to get into a trawl-net, but not to come on board ... 3 days and 3 nights they clang to the net ... in scorching heat and shiver­ing with cold at night ... bare of food and drink,  after more  than 70 hours they were rescued by the Italian marine.

A  trawler „Cap Anamur“ picks up some refugees ... the captain is arres­ted because of “refugee smuggling” ... the boat is confiscated ... only 5 years later, in 2009     -  the verdict of “not guilty”.

Another example:  in 2007 Tunesian fishermen rescue 44 refugees in dis­tress on sea. They are arrested; 30 month custody. The boat is confisca­ted. in a following trial 4 years later ... in 2011  they are exonerated.

And a last example of the never ending story, a boat with 82 humans from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Nigeria leaves the Libyan coast. The engine brakes down. Dozens other ships pass by without any help was more than 3 weeks when 5 human beings were rescued ... 77 others died ... of hun­ger, thirst ...that means:   FAILURE  TO  RANDER  ASSISTANCE !

Are you familiar with FRONTEX ? Do you know what responsibility means?

The EU has established  - in “protection” of its borderlines - an institution named FRONTEX. The FRONTEX equipment actually contains of airpla­nes, helicopters and 100 speedboats, IT-equipment not mentioned. Warzaw is actually the main-residence of this organization.

According to a Brussels decision in 2013, this organization is to be reinfor­ced by a program,  called “Eurosur” ... with a planned budget of 300 million €; other estimations are 900 million €. Taking in account the FRONTEX an­nual budget of  about 90 Million €, that would mean 1 Billion Euro yearly  -  hardly controlled by politics, as usual. By declaration, “protection” of the EU borders is mentioned as their duty and the mana­gement of „pushback“.

It ist nothing but fair, to ask for the cost and the benefit of this institu­tion?

The industrialized world would not subsidize their products. The cot­ton-market of Mali broke down, when the highly subsidized US-cotton conges­ted Mali. Likewise Europe congests the third-world with foodstuffs with cut-rate prices destroying local agrarian communities.

German-Watch, the Evangelische  Entwicklungsdienst (Protestant Over­seas Development Service) and the Food-First-Information and Action-net­work in­spected the Ghana-scandal:

 30 000 tons meat yearly were exported from the EU to West-Africa - which means:  210 000 workplaces got lost in Africa and 1,4 million hu­mans were send to poverty.

And, following the scandal: when Ghana tried to escape the tragedy by cu­stoms, it was sanctioned by the IMF: if Ghana insisted to get a credit of 258 million US$, the custom-law had to be suspended during the 3-years repay­ment period.        

Jean Ziegler, member of the advising committee of UN Human Rights Council scandalizes the “schizophrenia of the nations”: Who  - on the one hand -  support struggling against hunger the FAO, world-food-program WFP, UNICEF and UN Development Program UNDP in aim for the protecti­on of human rights and - on the other hand - promotes the World Bank, IMF and WTO, who prevent  the out­come of these organizations by their politics of fundamental liberalization accor­ding to the Washington Consensus.

Imagine, African nations were given a real chance of fair development ... would­n't  lots of refugees simply stay at home and the EU could do wi­thout their “pro­tection” ... and in the long run even  spare the foreign aid?

Dreams ? Perhaps ... but not few people dream that dream ...

Dambisa Moyo for example, born in Lusaka, Sambia, working for Gold­man-Sachs, later on at the World Bank, holds in her book “DEAD AID” the opi­nion: “help” from outside is only delaying the development of the Black Continent.

And José Graziano da Silva, economist and agrarian engineer, since Janua­ry 2013 chair of the FAO, the UN Food Organization, who declares: “ ... we have to regulate the markets ... to get rid of agro subsidies ...  we need a sustainable local agrarian sector ... the multinational groups have to get used to it  ...  the consumers as well ... the problems are: hunger on the one side ... overweight on the other “

And here,  in the EU,  in Germany, members of a Friedrich-Ebert-Foundati­on conference realized the refugee-problem quite well, claiming: “ ... get rid of the causes in the home countries, open the EU market for products of these countries, support their infrastructure and the creation of a basis of economic development ... strengthen fair trade ...”

And the black people with African origin - who we meet perhaps daily, even in Germany - who do not want to get back ... because of shame ... only of shame ... hoping constantly to have success in this or the other way, in Germany, in Europe.

And after the arrival ?

Actually, it is more the “UNDESIRABLE”  according to Mojtaba, Masoud and Milad Sadinam. The 3 brothers add in their book  -  same title -  their German experiences: In Germany exists a “perfectly organized irrespon­sebility” ...with lack of legal protection:
“... we will take you every idea to stay here ...”    The family Sadinam did stay.
The 3 brothers pass  -  together with their “Madar”, their mother -   all pro­blems,  the summery  proceedings, refugee-residence - often under bad sa­nitary conditi­ons -  the residence orders. Few friends only and a la­wyer stood by their side.

In the end - after 17 years -  the boys succeed. They get their school-lea­ving cer­tificate and study at German Universities. The youngest, Milad, fi­nished

already his studies with a scholarship. He got a job in IT-indus­tries.

German companies look actually for qualified personal - especially in the IT-field.



Unless you run, they'll kill you... only then I run ...”   Adrien/ Ruanda 

Quo vadis Africa ?

“We do not sell land. We only lease it from 40 to 100 years”  declared the African ministers at the AGCO at the beginning of 2013 in Berlin. “That means” said Hervé Tcheumeleu, black African publisher of  “LoNam”/ Ber­lin,  “... taken an average of 60 years life expectancy, that nearly two gene­rations do not have access to their soil ... the consequence is disa­strous ... which means hunger ...”

Africa is rich in mineral resources, in gold, silver, diamonds, copper, coal, coltan, phosphorus, oil…

Africa is not poor, Africa is poorly managed ...

...  this is why Africa - 50 years after the official independence - still dre­ams of real independence.

20 min. docu/feature film    Direction: Paula Gepard    Music: Mark Kofi Asamoah
Production: Aktion Freiheit statt Angst e.V., Rochstr. 3, 10178 Berlin



A three-minute trailer of the movie Frontex - FORT EUROPE can be downloaded here.


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Kommentar: RE: FRONTex - FORT EUROPE

"Organisierte Verantwortunglosigkeit" trifft es sehr gut. Auch die EU-Truppe von FRONTEX hält sich daran. So schrieb der Spiegel im Mai 2011: "Es war ein kurzer Moment des Glücks auf der Überfahrt in den Tod. 72 Flüchtlinge drängten sich auf einem Kahn, gerade mal sieben Meter lang, nur zwei Tage nach ihrer Abfahrt aus Tripolis gen Europa, gen der verlockenden Flüchtlingsinsel Lampedusa, waren sie schon in Seenot geraten.

Aber nun kreiste über ihren Köpfen ein Helikopter, so erzählten es später die Überlebenden des Dramas den Reportern, bis er knapp über ihnen schwebte. Er seilte Wasserflaschen ab und ein paar Pakete Kekse.

Die Flüchtlinge sahen, wie einer der Soldaten beschwichtigend die Hand hob. Hilfe naht, so interpretierten sie diese Geste. Dann drehte der Helikopter ab. Die Retter sollten nie kommen.

Denn die Flüchtlinge waren zwar geortet worden. Aber wer sich um sie kümmern sollte, war keineswegs geklärt, das ist schließlich Sache der EU-Mitgliedstaaten. Wieder einmal hatten diese das Flüchtlingsleid durchaus gesehen, doch entschieden sich zum Wegsehen.

Italienische Grenzbeamte alarmierten Malta, in dessen Seegebiet das Boot sich offensichtlich befand. Aber Behörden dort wollten später von so einem Anruf nichts gewusst haben. Zudem navigierten die Flüchtlinge haarscharf an der Grenze zur libyschen Verantwortungszone, doch dort herrschte Krieg. Ein Nato-Schiff befand sich in Nähe der Flüchtlingsbarkasse, eine spanische Fregatte war nur elf Seemeilen entfernt, ein italienisches Schiff lediglich 37 Seemeilen, so fand der Europarat später in einer Untersuchung heraus.

Doch niemand half. Nach 15 Tagen wurde der Kahn an die libysche Küste geschwemmt, von 72 Insassen waren 63 tot." (s )

Melanie, 15.08.2014 13:52

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