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13.01.2015 Roboter entscheiden über dein Leben

Anti-terrorism algorithms decide: "You're the bomb!"

Does the stuff you post on the internet make you look like a terrorist? Is the rhythm of your typing sending the wrong signals? But if everything we do online is monitored by machines, how well does the system work?

Should our future robot overlords decide to write a history of how they overcame their human masters, late 2014 will be a key date in the timeline. Last week, an official report from the parliamentary intelligence and security committee handed over responsibility for the UK’s fight against terrorism, or at least part of it, to Facebook’s algorithms – the automated scripts that (among other things) look at your posts and your networks to suggest content you will like, people you might know and things you might buy.'You're the bomb!' Are you at risk from the anti-terrorism algorithms?

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Created: 2015-01-13 08:39:15
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