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02.04.2016 Anti-Drohnen Proteste mit Verhaftungen begegnet

Veterans and Activists Arrested Protesting Drone Terror  at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada

Veterans For Peace national President Barry Ladendorf, Board member Tarak Kauff, and Advisory Board member Ann Wright were among eight peace activists who were arrested early Thursday morning, after physically blocking the main gate to Creech Air Force Base near Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Also arrested were VFP members Barry Binks (long time, often arrested drone protester), Ken Mayers, Chris Kundson and Leslie Harris, along with Joan Pleume of the New York Granny Peace Brigade.

Drone pilots based at Creech AFB, directed by the CIA and the Pentagon, regularly carry out drone strikes against targets in Afghanistan and Pakistan, killing many civilians and terrorizing the population.

A larger civil disobedience action is planned for Friday.

See Press Release  below:

Military Veterans Arrested at Creech Air Force Base Trying to Stop Drone Warfare

Indian Springs, NV - During peak rush hour traffic on Thursday March 31st at Creech AFB, military veterans and friends were arrested while waving Veterans for Peace (VFP) flags and nonviolently blocking traffic at the East Gate on Hwy. 95, the primary commuter gate into the base. As the traffic was impeded, Las Vegas Police diverted cars up the highway to less used, alternative gates.

At the same time, 20 people held vigil between the frontage road and US Highway 95 as four other peace and justice activists greeted the diverted traffic with a second peaceful anti-drone blockade expressed as a sitting silent meditation in front of the second gate.

The arrests at 7:50 AM today were part of a week-long orchestrated effort by over 100 activists from over 20 states in the country, mobilized to oppose the U.S. drone program that uses remotely controlled planes controlled at Creech to indiscriminately drop missiles on some of the most vulnerable populations in the world. Thursday's traffic was delayed for fifteen minutes, as Creech employees and contractors were diverted to the 2nd gate, and then to the 3rd gate once demonstrators blocked the 2nd gate. The prayer-activists at the 2nd gate were not arrested.

This was the first of several civil resistance actions planned during the week-long National Mass Mobilization against Drone Warfare known as SHUT DOWN CREECH. All of the demonstrators who were arrested were taken to the Las Vegas Metropolitan County Jail.

Meanwhile the remaining activists at "Camp Justice" across from the base continue the regular schedule of nonviolence training and strategy sessions for creative and nonviolent ways to stop the illegal assassination program at Creech Air Force Base for as long as possible.

The 8 activists arrested were:

  • Barry Binks, VFP, California
  • Leslie Harris, VFP, Texas
  • Tarak Kauff, VFP, New York
  • Chris Knudsen, VFP, CA, California
  • Barry Ladendorf, VFP, California
  • Ken Mayers, VFP, New Mexico
  • Joan Pleune, NY Granny Peace Brigade, New York Col.
  • Ann Wright, VFP and retired 29 year army veteran, and former U.S. diplomat, Hawaii

More information about the drone terror at

CODEPINK, Women for Peace in Berlin
Wednesday April 13th 19:00 CEST 2016
Berlin-Mitte, Sprechsaal, Marienstrasse 26

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Kommentar: RE: 20160402 Anti-Drohnen Proteste mit Verhaftungen begegnet

Glück gehabt, dass Sie wurden nur verhaftet. Unsere Polizei ist schnell mit der Waffe.

87 people were killed by US police in March, only. Source:

Michael, 11.04.2016 09:16


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