28.03.2017 Für Stärkung sozialer Rechte in der EU
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Verbesserung der sozialen Rechte und Vorgehen gegen Racial Profiling

Als Mitglied der Fundamental Rights Platform (FRA) dokumentiert Aktion Freiheit statt Angst regelmäßig deren Veröffentlichungen, wenn sie unsere Themen betreffen. Heute können wir berichten über Anstrengungen der Fundamental Rights Agency für die Stärkung sozialer Rechte in der EU und einer Tagung zu Racial Profiling im Menschenrechtsrat gemeinsam mit Vertretern der UN.

Towards stronger social rights across Europe

While the Europe 2020 strategy of growth and jobs sought to considerably reduce poverty and exclusion across the EU, social policies are struggling to hit their targets. With three years remaining, “there is still time to make a tangible difference to people’s lives by making bold changes and by investing our resources wisely”, said FRA at a social affairs conference in Malta on 24 March. The event, organised by Maltese Presidency of the EU, brought together Social Affairs Committee Chairs from across the EU. It sought to take stock of Europe 2020 policies and propose ways forward from a social perspective.

UN Human Rights Council debates racial profiling and incitement to hatred

During a UN panel debate on racial profiling, the Agency focused on the challenges of confronting incitement to hatred and discriminatory ethnic profiling, while guaranteeing security and safety of EU residents and respecting fundamental rights. The panel debate on racial profiling and incitement to hatred, including in the context of migration took place on 17 March in Geneva. It was organised by the Human Rights Council to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The event took place two days after the official launch of the new FRA report ‘Together in the EU’. The Agency also underlined the need to build on integration fighting discrimination and fear and moving towards more inclusive and cohesive societies that encourage the active participation of migrants and their descendants.

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