17.06.2018 EU plant unsinnige Verschärfungen des Copyright Rechts

Article 13 - Save the Internet

In the last weeks we had reported different attacks on the Internet by worsening the copyright . So the US have changed their copyright up to 144 years (Copyright-Verlängerung auf 144 Jahre in den USA ) and 10 years of prison for copyright abuses in Great Britain. We are now in danger by the EU:

Dictatorship of error-prone algorithms

Like the senseless "Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz" in Germany  against hate and fake news the EU plans upload filter.

Upload filters on sites like Youtube, Facebook etc. have one thing in common: They will never work as accurate as a real human. As a consequence, copyrighted content that is used under fair use laws, gets deleted. This "tendancy" could be abused to filter content that's not in line with the companies values and interests.

Implementation of Article 13 results in a total real-time filtering of every piece of content that will be uploaded to the internet. If you think about the prospect of an algorithm that pre-analyses all the content that is uploaded to the internet, we take a further step towards the Orwellian dystopia of "1984".

No to the link tax!

In the future, press publishers will be required to bill for any links someone makes to their content. News portals are thus nullified.

Ancillary Copyright

Article 11 of the proposal of the European Commission is mainly focussing on the Ancillary Copyright of information providers. More specific press rights are going to protect the contents of these providers and will need a purchased license to be able to be used by others. Especially big blog pages are affected since cited texts could be seen as a copyright infringement under these new laws.

If a platform is not willing or able to pay these licensing fees, they would lose those page views. The proposed law, originally supposed to support these providers, will now take away their means of existence.

The vote in the EU Parliament will take place in two days!

Therefore we have to act IMMEDIATELY to change the opinion of the Members of the European Parliament. The committee responsible has just a narrow majority of one vote in favor of the proposal.

Read more https://savetheinternet.info/
and the petition https://www.change.org/p/european-parliament-stop-the-censorship-machinery-save-the-internet
and https://www.golem.de/news/urheberrechtsreform-die-zehn-mythen-des-leistungsschutzrechts-1806-135022.html

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Created: 2018-06-17 08:13:35

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