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26.02.2020 FriedensaktivistInnen bei der Berlinale

No welcome for the "bloody Hillery" at the Berlinale

We can still remember the pictures from the war against Libya in 2011. At the request of the USA, the UN Security Council has agreed to allow the Western states to control a "no-fly zone". Instead of, as assumed, only preventing the air movements of the Libyan military and arms deliveries to the country, US and British aircraft in particular bombed the country to rubble and ashes within a few months. More than 40,000 people were killed in these attacks.

The then US Secretary of State, Hillery Clinton, played a decisive role in the creation of today's Libya, a "Failed State". After Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya was on the list of Wolfowitz's think tank to carry out a "regime change". Syria, Yemen and Iran are still on that list.

Hillery Clinton was invited to the premiere of a film about her life at the Berlinale on Monday. The film omits these less praiseworthy parts of her life. That's why activists of the peace movement appeared on the red carpet and distributed flyers about "Killery" and shouted Murder und "Ring the bell, Hillary to hell".

Bloody Hillary  - A corrupt friend of the arms industry 

Hillary Clinton - in the film HILLARY - turns into a feminist. The lady does not talk about the thousands of women's lives that this "feminist" destroyed during her term of office - in Libya and Iraq, for example. Neither the filmmaker nor the Berlinale want to show the bloody face of Clinton.  

It was New York Senator Hillary Clinton who gave President Bush the green light for a first strike against Iraq in a vote in Congress in autumn 2002. A murderous decision.

Es war US-Außenministerin Clinton, die nach der widerlichen Ermordung des libyschen Diktators Gaddafi ausrief: " Wir kamen, wir sahen, er starb." Die Clinton hatte Obama zu einem Krieg gegen Libyen im Jahr 2011 gedrängt. Ein Krieg, in dem 50.000 Menschen starben, der bis heute andauert und dessen Opfer unzählig sind. 

It was US Secretary of State Clinton who, after the disgusting assassination of the Libyan dictator Gaddafi, exclaimed: "We came, we saw, he died!" The Clinton had urged Obama to wage war against Libya in 2011. A war in which 50,000 people died, which continues to this day and whose victims are countless.

It was Hillary Clinton who, in an email in 2014 to her former campaign manager John Podesta, shortly after she resigned as US Secretary of State, made it clear that the IS was funded by the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Ms. Clinton accepted huge donations to the Clinton Foundation from both governments.

It was Secretary of State Clinton who authorized an $80 billion arms export to her benefactors in Saudi Arabia. The biggest one the world has ever seen. The sale of US weapons to the world - for use in troubled countries like Yemen - doubled thanks to their activities.

It is a shame that a submissive portrait of the warmonger Clinton can be shown at the Berlinale of all places. A festival that promotes a hyena of the US war can opt out of the better cultural events.

The shouts of the peace movement at this reception were even noticed by the media - and they reported about it.

This was not the case when we warned of an escalation in Libya in spring 2011 with rallies and demonstrations. Here is a picture of the rally at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin at that time.

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Kommentar: RE: 20200226 FriedensaktivistInnen bei der Berlinale

Vielleicht ein wichtiger Hinweise:
Der Plan mit der Liste der zu überfallenden Länder kommt im Video erst am Ende (min 11 und 12) dafür aber aus berufenem Munde von US General Wesley Clark.
Interessant finde ich auch, dass der "Think Tank" mit diesem Plan Erfolg hat, unabhängig ob Demokraten oder Republikaner den Präsidenten stellen.
... so viel zur Demokratie bei uns in den USA.

Joe, 26.02.2020 11:24

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Created: 2020-02-26 09:45:05
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