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05.03.2020 Menschenrechte müssen unteilbar bleiben

EU muss das Asylrecht wieder herstellen

If 500 million Europeans cannot take in 5 million or more desperate refugees, the best thing we can do is close the shop "Europe" because of moral bankruptcy.
(Norbert Blüm, SZ)

Instead of the Hindukush Europe is now to be defended at the Greek-German border. The EU is clearly throwing all values overboard. This was no different in the Mediterian See - but more invisible.

How often has Ms Merkel spoken in recent years about the need to "create legal channels to Europe". Nothing has happened for it - often it takes 3-6 months even in family matters to get an appointment in a German embassy in Iraq, Lebanon or Jordan. Asylum applications are "naturally" not accepted there.

Instead of letting Mrs. v.d. Leyen circle over the border in a helicopter, Mr. Spahn as Minister of Health and Mr. Heil as Minister of Labour would have had to fight their way through the barbed wire in order to personally bring those interested in the recently enacted immigration law for skilled workers into the country. That would certainly be cheaper than Spahn's travels to Mexico and the Philippines to poach care workers there.

Let's stay serious and just stick to international law and human rights - and here we have to realize that the EU is not only throwing its "values" overboard, but also its own laws and that should scare all citizens. Greece, an EU state, denies people in particular their right to apply for asylum. This is a calculated breach of law tolerated by all other EU states.

It is no excuse for the other EU states. Their lack of solidarity is caused by the unspeakable regulations that impose the "problem" of refugees on the countries on the periphery of the EU, such as the Dublin regulation. The frightening thing is that the constitutionally guaranteed human rights with constitutional status suddenly no longer play a role, just when Mr Erdogan drives a few thousand people to the border by bus. While in every other political dispute, be it squatting houses or trees, the state authorities and even the courts try to enforce the most antiquated property claims or decrees with an absolute law fetishism.

If our laws and BVerfG rulings can simply be suspended in "times of need", nothing should actually stand in the way of the expropriation of real estate corporations without compensation, as one reader recently noted. Then, theoretically, the climate emergency could be cured simply by banning the sale of petrol and diesel for the next 20 years.

Let's rather preserve our constitutional state and defend the basic rights - and that (still) includes the asylum law, which has been badly shaken over the last 30 years. The streams of refugees cannot be dealt with by force, but only by a different foreign and security policy that focuses more on compensation and conflict resolution than on sanctions and armament.

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Kommentar: RE: 20200305 Menschenrechte müssen unteilbar bleiben

Selbst das Normalste verhindern die! Seit Monaten bieten mehrere Kommunen die Aufnahme von Jugendlichen aus den Lagern in Griechenland an, u.a. Potsdam, aber der Innenminister verweigert das.
Unmenschlich und abscheulich!

Sabine, 05.03.2020 09:51

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Created: 2020-03-05 09:36:55
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