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09.03.2020 Generalstreik gegen Rechts vor 100 Jahren

100 years of successful resistance against the right

100 years ago, the still-young democracy of the Weimar Republic was on the brink of collapse. On March 13, 1920, the "Ehrhardt Brigade" marched into Berlin, and Wolfgang Kapp, former director general of the East Prussian agricultural credit banks, declared himself Reich Chancellor. The legitimate government – purposefully abandoned by the Reichswehr – had to flee Berlin.

The republic was saved thanks to the working people and their trade unions. On the same day, the ADGB and Afa-Bund called for a general strike; shortly after, the Christian Trade Unions and the German Civil Service Federation followed.

On 17 March, 1920 – after five days of general strike – the putschists gave up. The general strike was successful; the Reichswehr and Freikorps units were repulsed or forced to capitulate. The democratic republic was saved by the united resistance of the workers and trade union movements.

While striking workers had already been killed and many more of them injured during the 5 days of strike, the brutalized militarists took bloody revenge after the end of the general strike. Their furious terror also swept through the working-class districts of Berlin. Many workers and their families had to pay for their efforts with their lives, especially in the Ruhr area, where the military conflicts continued for weeks.

The DGB would like to commemorate this event with a special event today, because the general strike has so far largely escaped the attention of the public and historians, whereas the focus of interest has been on the antidemocratic Freikorps.

We should remember how fragile democracy is and how quickly personal commitment to fight for its preservation can become crucial.

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Created: 2020-03-09 09:55:59
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