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23.10.2020 Noch immer jedes 2. Kind von Eltern getrennt

Families Belong Together

Three years ago, 1000+ families were ripped apart as part of a family separation "pilot program." Now, lawyers say more than 545 children's parents can't be found.

 545 children separated from their parents have yet to be reunited, because officials couldn't locate these parents after deporting them.

As a Families Belong Together member, you’ve been fighting to reunite families with us for a while. It’s great that more people are realizing that the fight for family separation isn’t over. It’s crucial for our movement to build momentum right now. You can help by adding your name here to demand the reunification of ALL families.

Families Belong Together works to permanently end family separation and detention, seek accountability for the harm that’s been done, and immediately reunite all families who remain torn apart. Sign petition!

The role of private prisons in the US is connected to these inhumane events. Therefore it is also important to talk about this and to put an end to it by drying up their financing.

Break Up with Private Prisons!

While professing respect for human rights, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase continue to fund GEO Group and CoreCivic; the biggest operators of private prisons and immigrant detention centers. Sign a second petition to let Jamie Dimon (Chase) and Timothy Sloan (Wells) know that their customers and potential customers are not afraid to align our money with our values.

Two of the private prison industry leaders, CoreCivic and GEO Group, depend on funding from banks like yours to conduct their day-to-day business operations, finance new facilities, and acquire smaller companies. A 2016 analysis of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings over the prior 10 years shows that Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase, among others, have played a large role in financing these debts.

Sign both petitions!

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Created: 2020-10-23 07:52:00
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