11.05.2022 Border Management und Grundrechtsgarantien

Current Work on Fundamental Rights

As an organisation working in the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRP) of the EU, we report on their publications when they concern our issues. In the current report we find

FRA takes part in borders and ID conference

FRA took part in the conference ID@Borders & Future of Travel Conference 2022.

It highlighted the increasing digitalisation of identity management. FRA's presentation focused on the fundamental rights implications of the use of biometric technology in border control. FRA also took part in the closing panel. It highlighted that biometric identification is used to establish identity in the context of decisions that impact people lives. It is therefore important to pay attention to plausible arguments presented by people, in case of inaccurate biometric matches. The Biometrics Institute organised the event. It took place from 26 to 27 April.

Fundamental rights safeguards in EU Entry/Exit systems

FRA highlighted fundamental rights safeguards in the EU's Entry-Exit system during a training course on 26 and 28 April.

FRA rose awareness on the potential risks for fundamental rights that can emerge if safeguards are not duly implemented. It drew on its relevant work. The Entry-Exit system - a large scale IT database - will start operating in 2022. It will record and process the personal data of non-EU nationals travelling to the EU for a short stay and register their entry/exit. These can be either visa holders or visa exempt travellers.

The Entry-Exit system Regulation envisages fundamental rights training for those using the system. The course gathered national authorities from across all EU Member States. Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, organised the course.

Read more https://fra.europa.eu/

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