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Polippix English
Sorry, most articles are not available in English yet

Welcome to POLIPPIX

- a privacy enhanced CD presented by IT-Political Associtation of Denmark

This CD demonstrates some programs that can be used to ensure privacy on the internet and to exercise your rights according to copyright laws.

Here, you can read about the CD and the software on it. To run the software on this CD, you have to boot it on a PC.

If you are reading this on Windows computer right now, you may also run the CD emulated in QEMU, but it will run a lot slower.
If you want to run the Windows versions of the software, you should go to "My computer" -> the cd drive -> wbin. From there you just have to double click any file to install it.

Read more about:

Use the internet without being tracked!
Play almost any media.
k3b, k9copy, mencoder
Copy CDs and DVDs
Avoid your computer being recognized on the local network - become anonymous on the Internet café.
See who you and other people are communicating with.
Encryption and signing
Make sure your email and hard drive can't be read by others.
IP telephone
Talk on the internet. It's cheap, and if you do it right you will be untraceable.
Virtulization and emulation
How to run e.g. Polippix in a safe and clean environment.
Delete your hard drive the data will never be read again.
About this CD
If you would like to know more about Polippix or how to help making it better.
Video about Trusted Computing
Watch a video that explains what Trusted Computing is.

This CD contains Polippix, created by IT-Political Associtation of Denmark.

Category[40]: Anti-Überwachung Short-Link to this page:
Link to this page:
Link with Tor: nnksciarbrfsg3ud.onion/de/articles/947-polippix-english.htm
Tags: #Polippix #CD #Umgehung #Ueberwachung #Datenschutz #Programme #LiveCD
Created: 2010-01-04 13:06:37
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