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03.10.2013 Vorbereitung des Gedenken 100 Jahre WW1

1914-2014 We stand firm to achieve peace without weapons!

"Heroism at command, how violently l hate all this, how defyicable and ignoble war is; l would rather be torn to shreds than be a part of so base an action." Albert Einstein

The working group Schule ohne Militär in Aktion Freiheit statt Angst draws your attention to the appearance of the first info sheet 1914-2014 We stand firm to achieve peace without weapons! The German peace movement starts thus preparing the commemoration of 100 years World War 1, in 2014.

Nobel Peace Laureate 1997, Jody Williams:
"Militarists say that to gain peace we must prepare for war. l think we get what we prepare for. If we want a world where peace is valued, we must teach ourselves to believe that peace is not a 'utopian Vision' but a real responsibility that must be worked for each and every day in small and large ways. Any one of us can contribute to building a world where peace and justice prevail."

In the info sheets first plans for activities in many countries of the European Union and the USA are presented. In Germany the following is already planned.

1914-2014: 100 Years of World War l

The network "1914-2014: hundredyears of World War l" with its main slogan "We stand firm to achieve peace without wea-pons" was established in the fall of 2012.
As well as trying to give momentum to decentralized activities the network is organizing the following:

  • A.M.O.K. Parade
    A.M.O.K. Parade is a satirical demonstration. It aims at exaggerating and ridiculing Statements and actions of politicians and politics by displaying absurd and grotesque group pictures and individual displays. Thus it illustrates the lies and the madness of politics of war.
    Location/Date: Cities in Germany/ all year
  • Seminar: Manipulation of public Opinion & Propaganda of War.
    Location / Date: Left Media Academy, Berlin/17. -23.03.2014
  • Exhibition: Poster & Art on Peace
    Location/Date: ver.di trade union/not specified
  • Annual Meeting of Cooperation for Peace on "100 years of Pacifism"
    Location/Date: Essen /February 21/22
  • Conference: Science in between War and Peace
    Militarism and the Militarization of Science and Research then and now together with Student representative bodies of universities in Berlin and Potsdam.
    Location /Date: Potsdam/'16-18.5.2014
  • 100th Anniversary: International Fellow-ship of Reconciliation
    Location /'Date: Konstanz /August 2014
  • Peace Conference by Trade Unions & possibly others
    Location/Date: Berlin/September

Parties involved: among others Pax Christi, Mayors for Peace, IPPNW, 1ALANA, Forum Civil Peace Service, and DFG-VK, a German section of War Resisters International
Further Information:

Read more and Infos about activities in other countries at ICC No to War - No to NATO, IALANA,


Join! It's about peace



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