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21.11.2013 EU-Roadmap für Flugreisedatenspeicherung

Stubbornly continue with the retention of flight data (PNR)

Even after the defeat of the EU Commission by the Parliament, the Commission seeks to store our flight data (PNR) data undeterred. In a roadmap, 2014 they

  • insist that there is no alternative to the storage of PNR data
  • the "threat of terrorism" is unbroken and
  • drugs and trafficking is beatable only then. (Why just by air traffic?)

The options of the Commission are

0. Do nothing. It would fall on Member States to act if appropriate.
1. Continue with the current practice of considering the conclusion of a bilateral agreement between the EU and each third country that asks for passenger data. This means that the Commission will assess every possible request by third countries to negotiate a passenger data agreement and if it finds the request appropriate it will ask the Council for a mandate to negotiate and conclude the agreement.
2. Multilateral approach. The Commission seeks a mandate from the Council to negotiate an international convention allowing the transfer of passenger data, for example at UN level.
3. The Commission presents a proposal for a legal instrument providing the legal basis for the transmission of passenger data to third countries. This instrument would list the third countries to which air carriers can send passenger data.

It is clear that the desire of the Commission is again the No. 3. Of course, the principle to prohibit the retention of flight data in generally is not intended. So the fight goes on!

Next spring the EU Commission will start its work - We too!

An interesting fact from this paper: If they don't get the PNR data legally, they will get the API. Never heard of API?

"An increasing number of third countries ask for API data to air carriers. Advance Passenger Information (API) data are different from PNR data. API data are the biographical information taken from the machine-readable part of a passport and contain the name, place of residence, place of birth and nationality of a person. Under the API Directive, API data are made available to border control authorities only for flights entering the territory of the EU for the purpose of improving border controls and combating illegal immigration. Even though their use for other law enforcement purposes is permitted by the Directive, this is thought to be an exception rather than a rule."

... and this seems to be legal ...

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Kommentar: RE: 20131121 EU-Roadmap für Flugreisedatenspeicherung

nicht nur die Speicherung ablehnen, ggf ein Tourismus_Embargo, das ist viel wirksamer...

Onkel Tom, 25.11.13 21:33

RE: 20131121 EU-Roadmap für Flugreisedatenspeicherung

Mit Menschenhandel im Flugverkehr meint man doch nicht etwa die Abschiebung gegen Geld für bestimmte Passagiere durch FRONTEX?? uuup....s

Onkel Tom, 25.11.13 21:43



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