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28.09.2015 Sind nationale VDS-Gesetze in der EU noch legal?

EU commission will not suspend national data retention laws

EDRI wrote from a talk with EU commisson members: "... We have been very clear that the Commission is not coming forward with any new initiatives on Data Retention. In the absence of EU rules, Member States are free to maintain their current data retention systems or set up new ones, providing of course they comply with basic principles under EU law, such as those contained in the ePrivacy Directive. We are therefore neither opposing, nor advocating the introduction of
national data retention laws. ...

This question will be stated by the EuGH when it sharpen its decision from last year. In the next time the EuGH has to decide a call from Sweden: May member states have their own data retention laws when data retention is prohibited in the EU?

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Created: 2015-09-28 07:47:25
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