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11.11.2016 Gesichtserkennung leicht fälschbar

All it takes to steal your face is a special pair of glasses

Your face is quickly becoming a key to the digital world. Computers, phones, and even online stores are starting to use your face as a password. But new research from Carnegie Mellon University shows that facial recognition software is far from secure.

Researchers showed they could trick AI facial recognition systems into misidentifying faces — making someone caught on camera appear to be someone else, or even unrecognizable as human. With a special pair of eyeglass frames, the team forced commercial-grade facial recognition software into identifying the wrong person with up to 100% success rates.

In a test where researchers built a state-of-the-art facial recognition system, a white male test subject wearing the glasses appeared as actress Milla Jovovich with 87.87% accuracy.

The test wasn’t theoretical — the CMU printed out the glasses on glossy photo paper and wore them in front of a camera in a scenario meant to simulate accessing a building guarded by facial recognition. And they were able to generate glasses that successfully impersonated someone in 100% of tests.

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Created: 2016-11-11 08:50:30
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