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25.09.2017 Netzeutralität in den USA am Abgrund

"Net Neutrality was a mistake"

Trump No 30: Bad News for privacy concerned people! Trump's New FCC Chairman Lets ISPs Sell Your Private Data Without Your Consent.

It will be once again easier for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to sell your personal data for marketing or advertisement purposes without taking your permission.

Now the FCC suspended privacy rules before they came into effect. The reason? President Donald Trump's newly appointed FCC chairman Ajit Pai, a Republican and ex-Verizon lawyer.Now, Pai suspends privacy rules on ISPs, arguing that they favored companies like Google and Facebook, which are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), over internet providers like Comcast and Verizon.

How does this Move Affect You? If you are unaware, your internet service provider knows your most intimate and personal online activities. The ISPs share your data with other companies for advertisements, marketing or other purposes. And with this information in hands, it's very easy for any advertising company to know users' interests based on their online behaviors and serve them targeted ads.

Not surprisingly, the broadband industry applauded the FCC's new move, calling it "a welcome recognition that consumers benefit most when privacy protections are consistently applied throughout the Internet ecosystem."

Attention Fake News: "privacy protections are consistently applied throughout the Internet ecosystem." = "abolished"

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Kommentar: RE: 20170925 Netzeutralität in den USA am Abgrund

Now, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is under investigation for abusing his power to grease the wheels for this monopolistic merger. The FCC's top internal watchdog announced this week that it was investigating Pai's decision to loosen media ownership rules right around the same time the Sinclair-Tribune merger was beingproposed.

Yo., 16.02.2018 20:09

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Created: 2017-09-25 08:19:27
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