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24.11.2019 Petition gegen Wahlmanipulation

Prevent influencing and manipulating the voters!

  • How does political influence work?
  • Who is turning which cog?
  • Who can manipulate me because he knows more than he should?

The data scandals around Cambridge Analytica and in Germany also about Google Analytics (Google Analytics and Data Protection and Why Google Analytics is illegal in Germany) have shown that the knowledge about political (and other) preferences in the hands of political parties and interest groups represents a great danger. Also, the manipulations of many people in the U.S. by Fox News for the election of President Trump makes affected.

In 3 weeks' time, elections are due to take place in Great Britain, which could lead the country out of its almost 3-year crisis. Jim Killock, Executive Director of the Open Rights Group, has drawn our attention to the following petition - and he is asking for it to be signed.

Let’s turn the tables on political ads

As we enter this election, distrust of political campaigning is at an all time high. But whoever wins, we all have to trust the result.

Abuse of our personal data is at the heart of disinformation and manipulation in political campaigning. That’s why we must act to demand that UK political parties clean up their act.

We need to end practices like ‘dark ads’, psychological profiling and disinformation – many of which are using our personal data to deliver their maximum effect.

We are writing as voters to demand UK political parties immediately stop abusing personal data for political campaigning. The UK can’t afford more Cambridge Analytica-style scandals that spread disinformation and weaken public trust in the democratic process.

Sign the petition today.

Jim Killock
Executive Director
Open Rights Group

Read more and sign the petition

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Tags: #Wahlmanipulation #Petition #Beeinflussung #Transparenz #CambridgeAnalytica #FoxNews #Großbritannien #Lobbyinteressen #Meinungsmonopol #Meinungsfreiheit #Pressefreiheit #Datenpannen #Datenskandale
Created: 2019-11-24 10:05:59
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