14.11.2020 "Frei"handels-Verhandlungen GB-USA gefährden Privatsphäre

"Free"Trade Problems in Great Britain, too

The fight for fair, sustainable trade agreements that are good for the working population is not only crucial for us in the EU, the people of the UK also have their problems with it after the Brexit. We are currently hearing from the Open Rights Group in London:

Earlier this week we told you about privacy dangers posed by the new UK-Japan trade deal. Today we’ve got a short video for you about the far more threatening UK-US trade deal.

As the UK negotiates new trade deals, our government is under enormous pressure to water down privacy protections. Open Rights Group (ORG) is pushing for more transparency and democratic engagement in negotiations to ensure our digital rights are not traded away.

WATCH THE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/PxT4QPa4y40

The UK government’s objectives for the free trade agreement (FTA) with the US include measures that could define British regulation of the internet and our online activities for years to come. Negotiations should be conducted with the highest levels of democratic participation, including a greater role for Parliament than currently afforded in the law.

Proposals presented by the US in their digital trade objectives will severely impact internet regulation by controlling the building blocks of digital technology: data flows, source code and algorithms.

Many of our hard won data rights could come to an end in 2021 if politicians agree to throw away our privacy standards as part of a trade agreement with the US. Instead of hard law, the US is pushing for weak, difficult to enforce private “protections” for your data when it moves overseas.

Time is running short and it’s up to us to raise the alarm about what’s at stake for our fundamental rights and liberties. Please help spread the word by sharing our explainer video now.

Thank you for protecting our digital rights.
Jim Killock
Executive Director
Open Rights Group

Mehr dazu bei https://www.openrightsgroup.org/campaign/bringing-the-uk-us-digital-trade-deal-into-the-light/

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Created: 2020-11-14 10:01:17

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