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08.12.2020 Grundrechte vor "künstlicher Intelligenz" schützen

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As an organisation working in the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRP) of the EU, we report on their publications when they concern our issues. The current report concerns a meeting about the risks of artificial intelligence for our civil rights.

Protecting fundamental rights in an era of artificial intelligence

How can we balance the importance of promoting technological, economic and social innovation with the need to protect individuals and society from its potentially harmful effects? This is one of the areas that will be explored during a high-level virtual event on 14 December on doing artificial intelligence the European way. FRA and the German Presidency of the Council of the EU will host the event.

FRA will present the results of its new study on artificial intelligence and fundamental rights. Based on evidence from specific use cases of AI, it can support policymakers in their ongoing efforts to regulate the use of AI that will shape the development and use of AI in the years to come.

EU Justice Commissioner, Didier Reynders will deliver the keynote address with opening remarks from Christine Lambrecht, Germany’s Justice and Consumer Protection Minister, and Michael O’Flaherty, FRA’s Director. To register and follow the livestream visit the conference site.

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Kommentar: RE: 20201208 Grundrechte vor "künstlicher Intelligenz" schützen

Prima, diese Veranstaltung passt ja gut zu unserer Diskussion über Zwangsdigitalisierung am kommenden Wochenende auf Alex TV.

R., 08.12.20 10:01

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Created: 2020-12-08 09:00:07
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