24.01.2021 Kriegsverbrechen mit Drohnen leichter zu verbergen

CIA's Death Squads

Andrew Quilty reports in the Intercept about the CIA's covert actions in Afghanistan. This makes it understandable why it is much more "comfortable", safer and easier for the executors to carry out such murders with drones. Apart from the danger to their own personnel, the commanders must always expect that, as in the case of the massacres in MyLai, Vietnam, one or the other of those involved will develop feelings of guilt after the deeds and reports of such war crimes will become public. In the film "Good Kill", we saw that CIA-led drone missions usually shut down documentation before the mission began.

The starting point of Quilty's research are the Madrassa killings on May 11 and June 29, 2019:

May 11, 2019, Dadow Khail: Soldiers entered the village madrassa and came out with several boys. “We heard the boys begging for their lives — screaming and crying,” said Safiullah Mahmand, 27. “Then we heard the shooting.” At dawn, an old man discovered a pile of six boys’ bodies at the mouth of an irrigation channel. The youngest victim was 10.

June 29, 2019, Sar Posh: Helicopters descended into a valley, disgorging soldiers who destroyed the home of a local Taliban commander before turning up a narrow valley to the village madrassa. When the shooting and explosions subsided and the soldiers left, locals laid the bodies of nine boys in a row outside. “People said, ‘01 came with Americans in a night raid,’” a victims’ relative told The Intercept. They “went to the madrassa, threw grenades, and killed the students.”

01 is nominally under the National Directorate of Security (NDS), the Afghan intelligence service. It operates primarily in the central Afghan provinces, including Wardak and Logar, 02 is based in Jalalabad and "works" in the eastern part of the country, 03, also known as the Kandahar Strike Force, operates in the south, and 04 conducts raids in Kunar and adjacent provinces in the northeast.

Since December 2018, Afghan operatives trained and supported by the CIA in elite paramilitary units designated 01-04 have been working with U.S. Special Forces and air forces in this campaign of terror against civilians.

The CIA has a long history of training, arming, and funding indigenous militia networks. Since its birth in 1947, the agency has supported anti-communist groups in Greece, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, and Central America, as well as the Afghan mujahideen in the 1980s. Since the Sept. 11 attacks, the CIA has repurposed and supercharged those methods, dispensing training and weapons to supposed allies from Somalia to Syria with dubious results.

As soon as journalists or whistleblowers dare to make these war crimes public, they, like Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning, are mercilessly persecuted and locked away. Here is the link to the Colletal Murder video, which shows the deliberate murder of people, including 2 Reuters journalists by US military personnel in Iraq which only became known through the revelation of Chelsea Manning.

Mehr dazu bei https://theintercept.com/2020/12/18/afghanistan-cia-militia-01-strike-force/

Kommentar: RE: 20210124 Kriegsverbrechen mit Drohnen leichter zu verbergen

Kann jemand die einzelnen Länder bzw. Einsätze angeben? Ist oben 400 Kosovo, 650/300/300 EU-Grenzschutz? Sonst wohl 500 Syrien, 5 Jemen, 1300 Afghanistan. Links dürften 4 Westsahara, 1100 Mali, 350 Burkina Faso, 50 Südsudan, 400 Somalia sein.

In., 18.02.21 14:14

RE: 20210124 Kriegsverbrechen mit Drohnen leichter zu verbergen

und 50% der Grünen Wähler sind dafür den Afghanistan Einsatz zu verlängern. Kriegspartei.

Te., 19.02.21 09:56

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