08.10.2016 Obamas Transparenz-Versprechen bei Drohnentötungen nur Phrase

Testing Obama’s Transparency Pledge, Groups Send List of Drone Strikes to Investigate

A coalition of human rights groups is calling on the Obama administration to make good on an executive order issued this summer that requires the United States to investigate when civilians are harmed in lethal operations abroad, including drone strikes.

They call for public acknowledgement as well as “prompt, thorough, effective, independent, impartial and transparent investigations” into 10 incidents over the last seven years.

Obama himself reflected in a recent interview with New York magazine on the dangers of institutionalizing a regime of secretive borderless warfare executed primarily by drones, and claimed that his administration had done much to rein in “institutional comfort and inertia with what looks like a pretty antiseptic way of disposing of enemies.”

Despite the talk of transparency, the administration still hasn’t responded to many specific, well-documented instances of civilian harm. In July, shortly after the executive order was issued, Amnesty International invoked it in asking the CIA to respond to the death of Mamana Bibi, an elderly woman, in a strike in Pakistan. The CIA never responded.

Read more https://theintercept.com/2016/10/06/testing-obamas-transparency-pledge-groups-send-list-of-drone-strikes-to-investigate/

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Created: 2016-10-08 08:17:36

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